The Tory Party – A Crime Syndicate??

Russian Money, cash for meetings, cash for PPE contracts, cash for peerages, wallpaper, wine, meals, holidays, second jobs, illegal lobbying, loans without checks, tax breaks for the wealthy, tax loopholes, law-breaking, partying …….. yet try fiddling £5 on your pitiful benefits and you’re in court!!

Some of these guys have made a mint out of Brexit, Covid and ‘governing’ Britain.

Not so long ago we were locking up MPs for fiddling expenses. What’s changed???

8 thoughts on “The Tory Party – A Crime Syndicate??

    1. You are very cynical Neil. On one level I agree with you. But there are clearly different levels of corruption and blatant self-interest.

      1. That’s true Opher, but why should the electorate tolerate any level of corruption at all? (Or are we simply back to the same old problem inherent in a two-party country…that our choice is determined by an assessment of which party is less corrupt, or less blatantly self-serving?)

        What a sorry state of affairs U.k politics is in.


      2. They shouldn’t tolerate any level of corruption – but they do. Even with the high, blatant level of corruption, sleaze, law-breaking and lying 34% of the population are willing to support these profiteers!
        I don’t understand it. Somehow Johnson has persuaded them that this is normal and acceptable. Against all the evidence they believe he is doing a good job.

  1. What’s changed? Possibility that corruption now extends into every facet of U.K politics, at every level, as to the bodies policing politicians. Aligned with a Tory biased media, and growing censorship of free-speech, and restrictions on protest, the U.K government has provided itself with the opportunity to act, speak, and discriminate with impunity. There is no challenge from opposition, no demand for the upkeep of laws, no punishment for breaking laws, or being involved in massive fraud, and no tangible sense of maintaining the principles of democratic governance. Even in the House, the Speaker is clearly biased in favour of the Tories – his gong is assured. In every which way, the Tories have set about diminishing democracy, raided the treasury, and reduced funding in all socially based enterprises, education, healthcare, and public services. It is fast becoming a fascist state, and these over-privileged, incompetent, vile elitists have an awful lot to answer for.

    Yes the U.K’s nasty party may be likened to a crime-syndicate, acting in a similar way to Trump and his inner circle (most of whom are now encircled by the Jan 6th Capitol assault inquiry) whilst simultaneously copying and pasting Putin’s modus operandi for securing power long-term. Putin has meddled with both super-powers, and likely funded them to the tune of millions, so as to advance his own position: Trump and BoJo are just puppets. Whereas Trump is facing federal charges, one of which might be, attempting to defraud America, BoJo has faced no penalty for the plethora of lies, deceits, allegations of sleaze and corruption amassed against him. How has this been possible? If Labour ever come to power, I hope Starmer, their de facto leader, will not be satisfied with merely holding the reigns of government, but will use every resource at his disposal to bring extensive heat on the Tories.

    Who, how, and when will the Tories to be stopped?


    1. I don’t know where this is going. It’s no longer politics as we know it. They are tightening their grip and strangling the life out of democracy!

      1. BoJo will tell you the U.K is heading towards sunny-uplands, whilst others will tell you the truth that the U.K is being dragged into the gutter.

        I imagine in contrast to Putin, BoJo considers his hollowing out of the U.K nothing more than a minor misdemeanor.

        Off topic, but close to your heart: removing dependency on Russian gas and oil could require significant u-turns on any immediate, or future, green policies. Or it could promote an acceleration towards renewables. Either way, the fossil-fuel industries will be lobbying the P.M like mad!


      2. These people ALWAYS put profit before people. They believe the voting public are morons. The fact that they are still in any way credible supports their position. With their record they deserve to be on just the 5% of the electorate that they represent. The way they are able to con the rest shows that they are largely right – a good proportion of the electorate are gullible morons.
        I hope this greatly accelerates our Green Energy policies. The fossil-fuel industry needs kicking out.
        And all lobbying should be illegal!!

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