4 thoughts on “Alexei Sayle’s definition of Priti Patel:

  1. Never a truer word spoken in jest Opher! 76% of the U.K population would like visa waivers for Ukrainian refugees, but the U.K Tory Party’s smirking golem insists otherwise.

    No morals, no ethics, just viciousness: it is the Tory Party way.


      1. Perhaps people are too blind, or too apathetic, to see the twisted reality in front of them? Whilst others, without due care and consideration, simply vote the way they’ve always done irrespective of the Tory lies, empty promises, sleaze. corruption, fraud and massive wastage.

        In light of the Tory Oligarch donations scandal, the war in Ukraine, the mishandling of the Pandemic, Partygate, and widespread corruption, perhaps hearts and minds will be changed.


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