£9.2 Billion wasted on PPE!!! And fools still think these lazy, greedy, self-serving liars have done a good job!! Some people are nuts!!!

Tories – feeding their chums with billions of our money!!!

The Government wasted over £9.9 billion on PPE, which is more than it would cost to give every nurse in the NHS a 100 per cent bonus on their salary. The figure comes from the Department of Health’s Annual Report, which reveals it spent: £673 million on PPE “not suitable for any use” £2,581 million on PPE “not suitable for use in the NHS” £4.7 billion paying inflated pandemic prices for PPE we didn’t need to buy £750 million buying PPE which will pass its expiry date before we can use it. It has also “written down” the value of £1.231 billion in PPE, which is still yet to be delivered.

The Department also reports that some of the PPE will need to be recycled and it’s now contracting “waste providers”. Some of it is too complex to be recycled and so will need to be burned.

Thanks to an FOI response, Good Law Project can also reveal that, between April 2020 and August 2021, the Government spent £677.6 million storing excess PPE. And it continues to spend £500,000 a day on this.

Civil servants complained at the time that the need to service VIPs, the majority introduced by Government Ministers, was interfering with good procurement. It is unlikely we will ever know the true cost of this taxpayer-funded feeding frenzy for the friends and associates of Ministers.


2 thoughts on “£9.2 Billion wasted on PPE!!! And fools still think these lazy, greedy, self-serving liars have done a good job!! Some people are nuts!!!

  1. Opher – Despite the urgency in procuring appropriate PPE during the early stage of the pandemic, the size of this disastrous loss is simply scandalous! Such uncontrolled spending is due in part to the severe cuts successive Tory regimes have made to the NHS (and Social Care) leaving the U.K total unprepared, and without a plan. On top of depleted stocks of PPE, we also had shortages in nurses, doctors, beds, and hospitals. Evident is that the Tories completely ignored the findings of Operation Cygnus, underfunded the NHS, and then set about making thieves and villains wealthy from the public purse!

    What the public need are the names of the companies who were contracted so that researchers can determine what relationship companies have to Tory profiteers, and whether, in the event they do, that conflict of interest could be proven.

    £9 billion! That is an awful lot of money that’d do a world of good to so many people: hospitals, schools, infrastructure, public services, all could have benefited.

    I sincerely hope the public inquiry into the governments handling of the Pandemic is opened soon. I hope lawyers from The Good Law Project – who have won a string of court cases against the government – will submit evidence. The Tories must be held to account!


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