Sue Gray – An ever-growing report!

Let me see. Sue Gray – a civil servant employed by government, reporting to Boris Johnson, for Boris Johnson to decide whether Boris Johnson has done anything wrong. Hmmmmmmmm. Do I smell a rat??

2 thoughts on “Sue Gray – An ever-growing report!

  1. Opher – The pandemic has exposed to the public the machinations of the U.K Tory government in all its sordid detail. Clearly internal mechanisms (including the ministerial code) holding government, ministers, senior officials, and staffers to account for their actions are not fit for purpose. Evidently, neither are the rules set by government to steer the nation through a pandemic adhered to – rules set by those who led the government’s Covid taskforce! – they are there purely for the little people.

    Johnson presiding over Johnson is clearly not acceptable. Politicians policing politicians is clearly not acceptable. The MET’s refusal to investigate what to the rest of us constitutes rule-breaking is unacceptable. Taking the government to court seems to be the only way to ensure justice is served.

    Should the clown seek a scapegoat, or scapegoats to heap blame upon – Reynolds (he the source of the BYOB email) is rumored to be lined up for an ambassadors job – it will not sate the public’s appetite for justice. The buck stops with the P.M.

    Drastic reforms within government are much needed if trust in government is to be restored. The entire cabinet needs replacing – tis time to drain the swamp.


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