Roy Harper – On Track – Every Album Every Song – The reviews

Thanks everyone!!

Opher's World

Thank you to all who have left such great reviews. Amazon now has 40 ratings and reviews. Burning Shed has 166.

Here’s a taste of what people are saying:

‘This book though is an anthology that deserves to sit by your side, in, as I say in the title, any reading of this masterful lyricist, singer, songwriter, and poet. The music, by any standards, is so complex, that it deserves to one day to sit beside the greatest works of the greatest authors, lyricists, and poets, to be contemplated over for decades, nay, centuries, to come.

This book will hopefully reveal a corner of that tapestry, to assist scholars to unveil for themselves, for years to come.

If you’re not a scholar, just enjoy, as a music lover!

A very enjoyable companion to Roy’s music, to have by your side.’

‘I have had a most enjoyable week reading Opher Goodwins’…

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