Poetry – Privilege


Privilege brings licence,

Existing by different laws.

Privilege buys freedom

To behave in any manner.

Privilege produces arrogance –

Two worlds in one.

Privilege attracts sycophants,

As if they deserve it.

Privilege sets people apart

And smacks of superiority.

Privilege is an obnoxious

Distortion of reality.

Privilege is simply wrong.

Opher – 20.11.2019

There is a world of privilege where certain people use their money and power to live by different rules. There are people who feel they are intrinsically better than others. There are people who really believe they can do what they want regardless of who they hurt and what damage they cause. They can either buy their way out or use their clout to intimidate.

This world of privilege creates two different worlds.

It needs to stop.

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