Poetry – Billy Bunter stamps his feet!

Billy Bunter stamps his feet!

Billy Bunter stamps his feet

Throws out threats and blithers.

Because he says – it will happen –

Yet he never delivers!

The figurehead of a Tory mess

He’s leading us to disaster

Like the charge of the Light Brigade

Blindly going faster.

Billy Bunter vacillated

On whether to go or stay

Decided what was best for him

And shoved us on our way.

He’s the one to blame for leading us

Towards this precipice

While carefully denying

That the fault is his.

Now he blathers and stamps

Like a great spoilt brat.

The only way is his

We all have to put up with that!

With Cumming’s hand

Right up his bum.

The puppet master

Is having fun.

So Billy Bunter rages

And throws his little tantrum;

Heading for the cliff edge

And holds us all to ransom.

Opher – 25.10.2019

It was a Tory mess (red meat to the extreme nationalists) when Cameron gave them this stupid referendum.

It was Boris Johnson who weighed it up and sorted what was best for himself. He wrote two articles. One was to remain and one was to go. He decided he could be PM by leading the Brexit campaign. It was him who made the difference.

So we’ve had party before country and then personal ambition before country.

This has already cost the country billions.

If it do go out it will cost us tens of billions more – £130 Billion – 6.7% of our GDP (on a conservative estimate).

Who’ll pay for that? It would be much worse than the recession. A lifetime of austerity!!!

Now we have Johnson pushing a hard Brexit that will hurt us more, with Cummings leading him by the nose, who thinks that he can make things work just because he says it will.

The spoilt child needs to get real!! He is leading this nation to a complete disaster – poverty for millions while he and his Eton chums make a killing!

A traitor to the people!

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