Poetry – A repository

A repository

Containing all our wisdom,

The full gamut of emotion,

Every tale we’ve told,

Love, hate and intrigue,

Why not take a look?

It can make you laugh

It can make you cry

Or simply stop and wonder why.

It catches you with its hook.

All of life, all of death,

Every thought and dream,

Knowledge and act

Captured within a book.

Opher – 21.10.2019

Those who do not read live only one life but for those of us who do we live thousands.

Imagination is released. The mind is freed. We experience emotions of people we have come to know but have never met. Our empathy soars.

We travel to the future, the past and places we could never go.

Without books we languish in poverty. Our minds are stunted. Our lives are without colour.

I pity those who do not read. Their lives are pale shadows.

I have all of humanity at my fingertips.

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