Do Not Panic!! I’m Back!!!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!!

Storm Arwen swept through, caused a power surge and burnt out my socket!!

Do not fear! I am BAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!! The nice gentleman from BT came and replaced my socket! All is well.

(apart from the fact that the TV aerial seems buggered as well!! But I have someone coming to repair that tomorrow!!

It’s only costing me an arm!! I can keep my leg!!

2 thoughts on “Do Not Panic!! I’m Back!!!

  1. Good to see you’re back, Opher. I wondered if your whole area had lost power?

    Arwen wasn’t too nice even down here; winds were only 30mph, but blasting in from the NNW – exactly the worst direction, since both my computer desk and dining table are under windows at the north end of the flat.

    I suppose the next two storms will have to be given names like Bilbo or Celeborn?

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