Changing the country for the better.

While the country prospers, only a small minority benefit. It was always thus. The wealthy control the system. Under the Tories it is worse than under Labour. Labour are the lesser of two evils.

How do we change it??

Proportional representation would be a step forward.

Enforcing a proper graduated, fair tax system would help.

Controlling the media so we get unbiased news is crucial.

Having a much higher basic living wage.

Having a national bank to promote innovation and entrepeneurism.

Overhauling the education system to get people to think.

Creating a fairer social with far less inequality.

Then there’s poverty, racism and the environment to factor in.

I do not believe it is beyond the wit of mankind to create a far superior model for society, one which eradicates poverty and racism, is fair and just, not belligerent, protects nature and allows individual freedom.

We just have to move away from this greed, elitism and media propaganda.

2 thoughts on “Changing the country for the better.

  1. I do not believe it is beyond the wit of mankind to create a far superior model for society.

    Well Opher, I have to tell you, I’ve already done it! Or made a pretty decent stab at it, at the least. Remember I gave you links to the first two of a planned set of six major articles – and you had read enough that you said you were “enjoying” the second one! By the middle of July, I had finished all six. Of course, it’s much more individualist than you would prefer; but I’d point out that, while a free system allows people who like socialism to live in voluntary socialist communes, a socialist system does not allow people who don’t like socialism to live free from socialism.

    Here are the links (warning, they total very nearly 60,000 words!):

    The fifth one even includes an outline of how the new system of governance might work… Anyway, neither the Tories nor Labour in their present forms would be able to get any kind of power in my set-up.

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