Hapless, Horrid and Hopeless

Hapless, Horrid and Hopeless

Snorting coke, smoking opium and weed,

The Tory Party are all agreed

They need tax cuts for the wealthy,

And that the drug laws are really healthy.

It’s the wealthy who are the ones in trouble

They’ve only seen their incomes double!

Hypocrisy is alive and well

As Tories give the same old hard sell –

‘One Nation’ – ‘All in it together’.

They think we’re all not very clever!

As they continue to rob from the poor –

Who still don’t have a clue what’s in store!

Fed on a diet of tabloid lies

They’re a bit short on the ‘Whats?’ and ‘Whys?’

So a mere 160,000 will make their choice

While the rest of us are supposed to rejoice!

2.2% of the electorate have a vote!

97.8% of us are kept well remote!

The country watches the vision of a hard Brexit!

As the hard right Tories try to wreck it!

Austerity is the inevitable outcome

And it’s only the rich who are not looking glum!

Opher 11.6.2019

Incredible as it seems the ten Tory candidates crawl out of the woodwork in the ugliest beauty contest on the planet.

What a bunch of no hopers, chancers and ideologues. All with saliva dripping down their chins as they slaver after power!!

What a choice!!

With the country in crisis and our institutions falling apart what is it that they have to offer?? More money for the NHS maybe?? More money for schools?? More money to police to stem the wave of violence? More money to social services to protect poor families perhaps?  NO NO NO NO!!!!

They want to give more money to the rich who have already doubled their incomes under this bunch of callous fools.

It’s the hypocrisy that most upsets me.

They lie and cheat!

We’re all in it together – as they rob the poor to give to the rich.

We’ll bring harmony – as they plot to cause mayhem.

We represent the whole nation – as they blatantly steal our pensions, our wages and our allowances to give to the rich.

Draconian laws for drugs – as they snort and smoke with impunity!

One rule for us another for the plebs!!

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