4 thoughts on “Levelling up!! Backtracking!!

  1. Hooray! HS2 is an EU-mandated white elephant. It could only possibly be a benefit to the slickers in the big cities on the line, not to anyone from outside the cities. But the worst hit people, obviously, have been those whose homes have been in danger of demolition (or even, in the case of the bits that are being built, demolished). It should have been cancelled before construction was even started.

    1. I’m a bit conflicted on this one Neil. It seems to involve a huge amount of damage and destruction at massive cost for not too much gain, yet I see so many other countries introducing similar ventures seemingly with ease and quickly.
      Why are we so bad at it?
      Once again we have the North being dumped. Talk about levelling up!!
      This venture probably should have started in the North with a connection through from Hull to Liverpool via Leeds and Manchester. That would have been levelling up.

      1. You’re right about a lot of this, Opher. Rail is a good way of connecting medium-sized cities less than 150 or so miles apart to each other. And yes, Hull to Liverpool could have been a good route. But remember, this is an EU project. The EU, by its nature, grows outwards from the centre. That is why HS2 had to start from the London end – and duplicate existing infrastructure without any gain for anyone but the city slickers.

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