Poetry – Dogs


Four legs, wet nose and wagging tail

Sniffing and peeing everywhere.

A fur coat that fits so well

Without the need for underwear.

Big and small, podgy and slight,

They come in all shapes and sizes.

Some growl, some bite

Some lick and some win prizes.

Guard dogs, lap dogs,

Perfect little pets.

Costing you the whole hog

As you pay the vets.

Man’s best friend in a huddle

The smelly sentinel

They’ll give you a big cuddle

If you’re not feeling well.

For dogs, delight is the essence

They love to walk and play

But they can be a bloody nuisance

So I gave mine away!

Opher 5.4.2019

I was in a frivolous mood today! By the way – I love dogs and would never give them away even if they are a bloody nuisance at times and cost you an arm and leg.

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