Creativity – a human trait? Are we losing it?


Opher's World

So why are humans creative? Why do we love to dance, sing, play music, paint, write stories, write poems and express our emotions?

Well we are not alone. Other animals have displayed similar traits. Chimpanzees, Gorillas and even elephants have all enjoyed producing colorful art.

Whales produce the most amazing complex songs and sing to each other across oceans.

There seems to be a need for intelligent creatures to express themselves, to interpret their emotions, feelings and ideas in some creative manner.

The need to create crosses all cultures and has been repressed by various religions throughout history. When Rock ‘n’ Roll came in it was considered primitive and there was talk of bans. The Taliban and ISIS want to eradicate music, dance and any art that portrays human beings. Many books have been burnt. The Nazis wanted much art, writing and music banned.

But the urge for creativity is…

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