Photography – Dave ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards – the man who was there at the beginning of Rock.

On the anniversary of Robert Johnson’s tragic death – the man who was with on that night when he was poisoned!

Opher's World

I saw Dave ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards in Sheffield in 2009. I had just come back from Mississippi where I looked but could not find any Blues. Then I came home and T-Model Ford was playing in York and Dave in Sheffield.

I’d been all over Mississippi hunting out the old haunts, graves and places where the old Blues guys had played.

I visited all three of Robert Johnson’s graves.

Dave was an amazing guy. He was eighty four when I saw him and died two years later. He was full of life.

I had a chance to have a little chat with him after the show. Dave had been with Robert Johnson playing in that bar in Greenwood in 1938. He told me that Robert had been making eyes at the wife of the barman and had been poisoned with strychnine rat-poison. He became ill and had to go home but…

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