18 thoughts on “Priorities! Lies and media propaganda!

  1. I had this conversation the other night with someone. They were saying how it drives them crazy that America always has money to fight wars but there’s always some type of huge argument about spending even a single dollar on improving infrastructure or the school systems. Instead of supplying other countries with weapons and financial means to go to war, we should have universal healthcare. I agree completely. Politicians and many of the people they represent do not feel the same, which is a very sad state of affairs.

      1. There was another point he made: people who are part of the machine are part of the machine. When you elect those outside the machine you get the great orange failure. There’s not really much the current system affords that can change things. I’m not quite so pessimistic but I understand how someone can feel that way

      2. This is true. But then we’d be selecting people who don’t necessarily follow any news, understand the bigger picture, and don’t necessarily have the desire or what it takes. We already have enough of those actually willingly running and being elected

      3. If you get the right people – who really care, who really want to make things better, who are not in it as a career, to make money or because of the power, then we have a chance. We have enough experts in the background to provide the necessary information and advice.

      4. Yes. But if the person votes in doesn’t understand… maybe the experts should be voted in to ensure the populace is well informed during their tenure?

      5. The person voted in needs decision-making skills. The experts are there to inform and discuss outcomes. Should work.

      6. I hope their ears are big enough and their decision isn’t already made before the experts speak. We’ve already gone through that many many many times

      7. Opher, the problem is that the failing (indeed, already failed) political system called “the state” attracts psychopaths to positions of power, where they can hurt people and live off us as parasites, without ever being held responsible for their actions. “Democracy” merely pushes the problem one step further, and creates political parties that attract (and promote to leaders!) exactly the kind of psychopaths that will do most harm to innocent people. And being in power makes them even more psychopathic. As a result, there is no one, and no party, worth voting for; as has been obvious to me for more than 30 years.

        Johnson is a psychopath. May is a psychopath. Blair is a psychopath. We live under a system designed to bring the worst scum to the top of the septic tank.

        But Marla is right, politicians do not “represent” us human beings. They can’t. For the great majority of politicians are dishonest. And the great majority of us human beings are honest.

        We can – and should – disagree about what are the best things to do for the people around us; and we should each do what we think is best. But aggressive warfare cannot be tolerated by any human being.

      8. Well I agree with you that politics tends to attract psychopaths. I disagree that all politicians are psychopaths or liars. Many are in it for the right reasons. I also disagree that there is nothing to choose between the two parties. There is. It makes a tremendous amount of difference.
        I agree that all political parties (for one reason or another) represent the system. I see no way of changing that.
        We work within narrow parameters. Votes count and make a difference. The system limits what anybody can do. The system is too powerful to overthrow.

      9. The system is too powerful to overthrow.

        That may be so, to those who operate within its paradigm. But we shouldn’t need or want to overthrow it, and most of all not to take control of it ourselves (fun though it might be to settle a few scores). My preference is to undermine it by showing up the rottenness of its foundations – that is one of the main things my set of six essays is about. Once enough people understand that rottenness, the system will collapse of its own accord – as the Soviet Union did. Of course, we then need to have a workable alternative ready. That’s another of the things my six essays are about.

      10. The collapse of systems seems to inevitably result in a worse situation for all concerned. I can’t think of one that’s worked out well.

      11. Opher, Soviet communism collapsed in 1989 and 1991. The people in most Eastern European countries now are far better off (both politically and economically) than they were before then.

        The Nazi party collapsed in 1945. Germans are far, far better off now than they were before them.

        The idea of “the divine right of kings” collapsed (for the first time) in 1688. England was a better place to live after about 1697 than it had been for almost 100 years.

        George the Third’s control over the American colonies collapsed in 1776. Americans were far better off after that, particularly when they had a couple of decent presidents in Jefferson and Madison.

        Those are four examples for you!

      12. I think some of those examples are a little exaggerated.
        Soviet communism hasn’t collapsed. It’s still going strong. I was there two years ago. They just gave up their bloc.
        Nazi party didn’t collapse, it was defeated in a world war and is reinventing itself in the UK and all around the world.
        The only reason the King gave up power was because others wanted it and forced him to.
        Our ‘loss’ of America was not a collapse. It was a defeat – mainly because of distance. To say that America is better off is extremely debatable. Canada and Australia have not done too bad. America is a place of extreme violence, extreme poverty, overt racism – a country based on greed and guns. Better off? Hmmmmm. England’s far better.
        Collapse doesn’t work. We unleash the horrors of violence – French revolution, Russian revolution, Arab Spring, – Cambodia under Pol Pot. Not only do you have unbelievable violence but a new ruthless bunch take over and everything is more repressive.

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