A Conservative Party Survey on Border Control

This poll is designed for rabid Tories to vent their spleen. It wants draconian punishments and blood and guts.

They are feeding meat to the rabid supporters – the hang ’em and flog ’em brigade.

It’s also window-dressing. The only thing it will mean is that we imprison lots of unfortunate people seeking a better life than one of out of work starvation and political and religious persecution. I know – make them into criminals!!

The idea of a life sentence for people smugglers is farcical. They are all running their business from foreign tropical paradises. The only people you can catch are the pawns! Lock them up and throw away the key!! What a joke.

Then there’s the racist shit – throw out anybody with black or brown skin. Hassle them and lock them up.

Then there’s the typical Tory attitude of blaming foreigners and making them pay! Charge foreign governments. As if that will work.

Do we want the Hong Kong people coming over? Yes I do!

Do I support this nasty piece of legislation? No I bloody well don’t!!

These issues are complex. This hard black and white approach is useless and wrong.

They put this out to their supporters so that they can claim huge support for these draconian measures.

Please take the survey and put them right!

Take our Borders Bill Survey | Conservatives

What a shame that there is deliberately no section for comments! I’ve got a few to make at this racist pile of shit!!

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