The Tension between Individual Freedom and Social Responsibility.

It is an interesting debate that goes to the heart of the division in the world. Weighing up the degree of personal freedom against the good of everyone and the planet.

I think there are some question we should think about.

Should a man have complete freedom? If he is inclined to kill and rape? If he is inclined to torture animals? If he is inclined to explode his own nuclear device wherever he wants? If he wants to drive the wrong way on the motorway against the flow of traffic? If he wants to beat his wife? If he wants to forcibly indoctrinate his children? If he wants to shoot endangered wild animals? If he wants to dump huge amounts of toxic waste in the river? If he wants to refuse to wear a mask in the supermarket? If he wants to play his music at full volume at 3.00 am? If he wants to impose his religion on others against their will? If he wants to discriminate against people because of their colour? If he wants to call people of colour or women by derogatory names? If he wants to verbally abuse people? If he likes punching people? If he likes to wear his hair long, or short, or colour it? If he wants tattoos all over his face? If he refuses to wear a suit? If he wants to take money or goods off people at gunpoint? If he wants to drive at 120 MPH down Mainstreet? If he doesn’t want to work but expects to be supported? If he wants to wear brown shoes instead of black? If he wants to use any drugs of his choice? If he wants completely uncensored literature? If he thinks sex is OK in the supermarket? If he thinks that pornography is OK to look at on public transport? If he thinks abortions should be banned and imposes that view? If……. if……. if……….

Does he have a right to do what he wants?

Does he have a responsibility to fit in with society?

I think this is what it at the heart of Trumpists and Democrats, of Brexiteers and Remainers.

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