The Corona Diaries – Day 440

It was sunny and warm today when I set out on my walk up the hill. I’m getting the hang of this walking now!!

There was the sound of skylarks trilling from the heavens but, even though I stopped to peer up, I couldn’t see them at all. They must have been very high!

The verges and hedgerows were a mass of colour – a sea of whites, pinks and yellow – hedge parsley, buttercups and red campion – along with some small blue flowers that I don’t know the name of!

The sparrows, finches and tits were singing and frolicking in the hedges.

All was right with the world – well apart from a few odd things – a pandemic, a few wars, an incompetent bunch of politicians, terrorist fanatics, religious fools, gross inequality, starvation, killing of wildlife and general environmental degradation.

Another hard day on the planet! But at least the sun was shining.

Back home I read a bit on the Roy Harper Appreciation Society, made a couple of comments and wrote an article on James Edgar.

I then played Roy’s Loony On The Bus.

This afternoon I’m going to do some reading!! This isolation in lockdown could be a lot worse! We’re eating well, drinking well, out for walks in the countryside and never short of things to do!

Lockdown is easing up and we’ve friends coming round! We’re off to the cinema in the week and I’ve a dentist appointment to look forward to!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our bumbling clown is still messing up. The new Indian variant is wafting its way around the country at the invitation of our clown in chief.

Brexit has completely messed up our workforce. Many of the Eastern Europeans aren’t coming back (not surprising as we are so incredibly racist and unpleasant) so we are bringing in workers from further abroad – like India and Africa. Makes sense in the midst of a pandemic to bring more variants into the place!! Obviously Johnson wants to ensure that dear old Dido is kept on her toes!!

It seems that all these rosy trade deals that we left the EU to get are no longer as rosy. Indeed, they are both scarce and lousy!! Who could have predicted that?? Seemingly we are going to be flooding the market with hormone fattened livestock from Australia (putting our farmers out of pocket) and have a great new deal with Liechtenstein!! That Liechtenstein deal should make up for the loss of the EU shouldn’t it?? So first the fishermen are screwed and then the farmers! Are the public get more expensive stuff with worse quality! Great stuff!!

But at least we are not ruled by the EU!! We are ruled by Bullingdon Eton morons!!

We deserve what we get. This country is in a mess! It’s become racist and exceptionally unpleasant! I hear it with every boo aimed at the antiracism stance! Antiracism? NO!! We’re British!! We love xenophobia and racism!! That’s why we cover ourselves with union jacks and beat people up! We’re British!!

This is the Britain that Johnson has created!!

I think I might emigrate to New Zealand!!

The pandemic is certainly messing up our travel plans!! Our yobs can no longer travel abroad to down twenty pints, jump up and down swearing at foreigners, shouting out racist chants, fight with each other and foreigners, shag anything that moves and lie in the sun until they turn bright red! Shame!!

I bet the rest of the world is glad of the respite the virus has brought them.

I’m off to read! Stay safe!!

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