When will we ever learn??

We are all part of a wondrous web of life three billion years old. All interconnected, self-sustaining and wonderful. Why is is so hard to appreciate and cherish? Why do we have to try and elevate ourselves at the expense of the rest of life?


10 thoughts on “When will we ever learn??

  1. yes, they do. I was asked to sit on the “cutting review” committee, but declined. tree services have taken extreme advantage of people’s fear of a 16 ton tree coming through their house. so a tree service comes, cut some critical “shelter trees’ on one property, then goes door to door telling neighbors about “the threat,” then cutting every tree on the neighbor’s, ensuring problems for anyone not agreeing to removal.

      1. Anything the Trumpist don’t like is OK with me! And anything that protects the environment is number one in my book.

      2. Keep going Jeff. Everything passes. This age of selfish greed and nastiness will pass. Just takes time.

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