Peace in Israel – Free Palestine!!

It is quite obvious to me that when you bomb, mutilate and kill you create hatred.

At present both the Israelis and Palestinians are run by fanatical religious extremists. The fundamentalist Jews are as bad as the Islamist Hamas.

Peace does not come with bombs and rockets – it comes with talks and reparation.

It is good to see sane Jews looking for reconciliation rather than racist humiliation. They need to kick out the racist fascists who setting the agenda. Likewise the Palestinians need to dump Hamas and get real!

We need common sense, tolerance and humility – not guns, threats, bombs and rockets!!!

It is ironic how the oppressed have become the oppressors and behave like the Nazis they despise. Hamas feeds off it. They want hate, violence an death. It’s their biggest recruiter.

Jewish Voice for Peace 

5 m  · It was so beautiful to see THOUSANDS of Jews standing openly and proudly with Palestinians at rallies around the world this weekend. Palestinians said to go ALL OUT for Nakba Day — and an unprecedented number of Jews heeded their call.Our members co-sponsored, spoke at, or attended rallies in at least 36 US cities, some of which had contingents of Jews that numbered in the hundreds. The tide is shifting. We are supporting Palestinians’ liberation struggle. We are building Jewish community beyond Zionism. We are standing with the oppressed against the oppressor.Though the most visible and powerful Jews may continue to prop up Israel’s settler-colonial, apartheid regime, remember that the Jews in the streets want Palestine to be free.#NakbaDay#Nakba73

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  1. A Response to The Hierarchy of Halachah by R. Gidon Rothstein

    “The top of the pyramid, certainly, are Biblical commandments,… R. Elazar in Gittin 60b, anything the Rabbis derived based on the Thirteen Middot, the thirteen principles of proper inference, counts as Written Law.”

    No. To cherry pick the logical middot of Rabbi Yishmael and ignore the logical middot developed by Rabbis Akiva and Yossi Haglili totally distorts the k’vanna and correct intent of R. Elazar – as mentioned above. The 13 middot דאורייתא refers directly to the middot of Oral Torah logic, known as Torah Sh’Baal Peh. The Midrashim tell the story of Am Yisroel approaching Aaron, just prior to the sin of the Golden Calf. They declared, Moshe has died. Who will reveal to us the rest of the Torah?

    Dof ג of tractate Avoda Zara explicitly teaches that the Goyim did not accept the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Xtianity in all its theologies, Creeds, and Dogmas preaches the belief system, commonly known as “the 10 Commandments”. But a simple examination of any Xtian biblical translation of the Hebrew T’NaCH, reveals that every Xtian biblical translation commits the identical error made by Aaron who translated the Name of HaShem, revealed in the 1st Commandment of Sinai, with the word אלהים. The Xtian biblical translations, one and all – together with the koran, both translate the Name of HaShem into other words. The avoda zara of this error, the Name of HaShem lives as the Spirit of Life – the Name its not a word. The opening Gospel of John explicitly falls upon the sword of this grievous error. The Spirit of HaShem breathed the Name into clay, and transformed this clay unto Adam HaReshon.

    R. Elazar therefore refers to the 13 middot which Moshe the prophet heard on Yom Kippor, 40 days after the sin of the Golden Calf. At Sinai Israel accepted the opening first 2 Commandments. They stopped, and thereafter demanded from Moshe that he ascend Sinai and receive the rest of the Torah. Hence at the time of the avoda zara of the Golden Calf, Israel had accepted only the opening first TWO COMMANDMENTS. Logic stands upon the יסוד of Order: the 13 middot ה’ ה’ אל רחום וחנון וכו establish an order of logic, unique and completely different than the logic systems which Plato and Aristotle developed. This Oral Torah logic system, from it and this Oral Torah alone did Moshe the prophet derive 611 commandments as this prophet’s primary commentary to the Torah which Israel accepted at Sinai. After Moshe descended from Mt. Horev (to distinguish the revelation of the Oral Torah from the revelation of the opening first 2 commandments at Mt. “Sinai” – the same identical physical mountain), Moshe, our teacher, over the span of his life, taught the 611 commandments he derived – based upon the logic of the 13 middot – to the nation of Israel.

    “We follow R. Yohanan who disagreed, but R. Eli’ezer’s idea has a bit of life in the case of a gezerah shavah, where tradition understands the laws of one area [that they can] apply to another [area of the Torah] as well, based on the Torah using the same word in the two places. Because the Gemara rules out coming up with a gezerah shavah on one’s own, [the sages] say [that all the 13 middot of rabbi Yishmael, that] they are all received tradition, Peri Megadim thinks they count as explicitly written in the Torah.”

    No. This error distorts the intent of the Sha’s Bavli completely. Rashi declared that we can only employ of Rabbi Yishmael’s 13 middot the last one – known as the כל שכן. The Baali Tosafot challenge this ruling. The problem with this טיפש reading of Rashi … Rashi himself on his commentary to the T’NaCH made his own gezerah shavah! To understand the Rashi comment requires learning his p’shat within the context of how it explains the Gemara itself. Rav Ashi sealed the Sha’s Bavli, based upon the precedents of Rabbi Yechuda who sealed the Mishna and the Anshei Knesset HaGedolah who sealed the T’NaCH. Why did the Sages of Israel seal these Primary Sources of Torah faith?

    This action of sealing the Primary Sources of Torah faith, established the masoretic texts, as the eternal inheritance of the Cohen nation of Israel. No one generation possesses a better masoret than possess later generations of כלל ישראל. This seems to clash with Rashi’s p’shat of ‘the descending generations’! No – not at all if a person does not fall and accept a טיפש פשט. The Gemara of ברכות teaches the Aggaditah of a man, after having an argument with his wife, he leaves his house and sleeps in a cemetery. This Aggaditah concludes with a Great Rav being informed that he will soon die, but that the Yeshiva in the world to come anxiously awaits his arrival.

    As a woven garment has both weft threads together with the opposing woof threads, the entire Sha’s Bavli has halacha opposed and contrasted by aggadita. Rabbi Akiva taught the Kabbala known as פרדס. All the rabbis within the Sha’s Bavli exist as talmidim of Rabbi Akiva on the kabbala of פרדס. (The term kabbala has become confused as a result of the mysticism developed during the Middle Ages, following the War Crime where barbaric Goyim burned all the Talmud manuscripts found in France in the year 1242). The פרדס system explains the 13 middot logic revelation which Moshe the Prophet orally heard at Mt. Horev on Yom Kippur – 40 days after the sin of the Golden Calf. The “4 rivers” (a reference to the opening story of Creation) of the Oral Torah ‘Horev revelation’, the פרדס kabbalah of Rabbi Akiva, branch off into pairs, comparable to Adam and Chava. Drosh & P’shat affix themselves to the Aggadita. While Remiz & Sod do the exact same with halacha.

    This פרדס kabbala teaches how to correctly learn the whole of the Sha’s Bavli. Just as a garment gets destroyed if the woof and weft get disentangled, their weave ceases to exist, so too and כל שכן the halacha and aggadita. Rav Ashi & Rav Ravina sealed the Sha’s Bavli, the masoret of כלל ישראל for all eternity. And herein explains the Rashi commentary upon having only permission to employ the middah of ‘how much more so’, of Rabbi Yishmael’s 13 middot. This explanation removes the dispute between Rashi and the Baali Tosafot on this score. Since Rav Ashi & Rav Ravina sealed the Sha’s, making the Bavli one of the Primary Sources primary masoret of Israel. Therefore employment of the כל שכן middah of logic – a person learns from one source in the sealed masoret and through the כל שכן school of rabbinic logic, later generations can make a depth comparison and contrast to other Gemaras within the sealed masoret. The Talmud, stands as the Common Law legal system of Judea. And Common Law stands on the יסוד of precedents! The clash with Rashi’s ‘diminishing/descending generations’ comment, in O’lam Ha’zeh the bnai brit Cohen nation keeps mitzvot. Visit a cemetery and we conceal our tzitzit so as not shame the dead, who cannot observe mitzvot in O’lam Ha’ba. What thrives in O’lam Ha’ba that has no mitzvot observance? Wisdom.

    The תרי”ג commandments (Commandments from the Torah, mitzvot from the Prophets, and halachot from the rabbis. Something akin to the steps required to turn wheat or barely from a raw grain into bread.),have 3 basic divisions – stand and do, sit and do not do, and stand and do time oriented Commandments. Similar to the blowing of the Shofar, (as metal sharpens metal, the k’vanna of commandments learns from other commandments) by which the Sha’s teaches how to pronounce the Spirit of the Name of HaShem which lives within our hearts! The Gemara of ברכות teaches the כלל, a man should da’aven from a fixed מקום. The language of מקום confused the Reshonim and Auchronim scholars. מקום by the sh’itta of how my Rav taught me to learn, exists as a רמז (words within words) of the Name of HaShem. Tefilla, not da’avened in an external physical location, not in a bet knesset – nor in a person’s private home. But rather within our hearts – this k’vanna learns from the oath brit which Avram Avinu swore at the brit cut between the pieces; Goyim pray to their Gods who dwell in the Heavens; Yidden da’aven tefilla – a dedication of tohor middot unto HaShem – within our hearts. Within our hearts, HaShem judges the disputes between the Yatzir tohor HaTov from the Yatzir tuma HaRah). For this reason the Torah places the primary pre-condition upon doing avodat HaShem, this pre-condition fundamentally requires tohora. All generations of bnai brit have an obligation to learn and differentiate between tohor middot from other tohor middot. Failure to “understand (distinguish between like and like) tohor middot from one another means that the tuma Yatzir HaRah can easily deceive the tohor Yatzir YaTov.

    Therefore the explanation of Rashi’s comment on the descending generations … positive and negative commandments do not require k’vanna. Not so stand and do time oriented commandments – which require k’vanna. What k’vanna does this 3rd type of commandment require? To descend the wisdom learned in O’lam Ha’Bah unto the commandment observant Yidden living today in O’lam Ha’Zeh. The basic k’vanna of tefilla for example: a person dedicates a “defined” tohor middah or middot unto HaShem – comparable to the dedication of a korban. Hence tefillah stands in the place of korbanot!

    To dedicate a tohor middah unto HaShem, who resides not in the Heavens above, but rather within our hearts, most essentially requires the Cohen make the most basic הבדלה of separating the Name of HaShem – a Spirit and not a word – from all the other spoken words within the Shemone Esri tefilla! Pronouncing the Spirit of the Name from within our hearts, (tefilla a matter of the heart), learns from blowing the Shofar on Yom HaDin upon the Brit. The 3 note types required to accomplish the mitzva of shofar learn from the 3 most basic divisions of the תרי”ג commandments. Herein explains the k’vanna of da’avening from a “fixed מקום”, as taught in the Gemara of ברכות. A person with k’vanna affixes positive, negative, and positive time oriented commandments to how he blows his breath when he pronounces the Spirit of the Name from within his heart.

    Learning Sha’s based upon the פרדס kabbala taught by Rabbi Akiva and all his talmidim as found in the Sha’s Yerushalmi and Bavli and Midrashim requires דרך ארץ. Just as a man does not divorce his wife without giving back to her O’lam HaBah soul through the metzva of ‘get’, (a man does the mitzva of קידושין when he dedicates the future born children conceived and born into this world due to קידושין, like as Avram likewise did at the brit cut between the pieces), so too and in similar fashion, its forbidden to divorce Halacha from its Aggadita ‘married couple’, like as did the Rambam code of halacha which perverted the definition of halacha. His Code of Law destroyed the intimate marital relationship between aggadic mussar – as derived through דרוש ופשט – with halachic ritual observance – as derived through רמז וסוד. The Rambam code of law extinguished the lights of Hanukkah, where our fore fathers fought a Civil War, and thereafter dedicated to only employ the Oral Torah logic system by which to interpret the Written Torah. We observe halachot NOT because the Shulkan Aruch organized his halacha into his famous code of law. RATHER we observe and keep halachot, based upon the mussar יסודי of experiencing the ‘finger of HaShem’ within our lives, as commanded by prophetic mussar, by affixing this prophetic mussar unto halachot ritual observances. Herein explain how to correctly learn and understand the whole of the masoret of Talmud, Midrashim, and Siddur.

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