Opher on why he doesn’t believe in the Bible – For George

Some facts about the Bible for you George:
Jesus never wrote a single word.
Nothing was written while Jesus was alive.
The Romans saw the Jesus cult as a minor Jewish cult – one of many.
Not one of the apostles wrote a word.
The gospels were written by unknown people after the apostles were all dead.
If it wasn’t for Emperor Constantine we wouldn’t have Christianity at all. He wanted to unite Rome at a time of great lack of unity. He used Christianity as a political tool (while still worshipping pagan gods himself). He called the Council of Nicaea. They gathered all the writings and tried to piece them together. The ones that were contradictory were declared heresy and burnt.
The new writing were attached to the Old Testament (a Jewish work – full of misogyny and racism, violence, threats and weirdness) in order to give it more credibility. It was sold as a new religion.
Christianity was then used as a political power tool. It resulted in conflict with other religions – particularly Judaism (which it basically is – Jesus always saw himself as a Jew) who were blamed, vilified and persecuted for their part in Jesus’s death. and Islam who was another progeny of the Jewish religion.
All three are equally vile.
So we have had centuries of crusades, persecution of pagans, persecution, torture and murder of Jews, Pogroms, inquisitions, burning of witches, burning of Catholics, wars and general nastiness.
Religion is madness. It explains nothing, creates a fictional fairy for which there is no proof whatsoever and has tyrannised human civilisation.
I for one will happily do without it!

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  1. Opher, you – rightly – criticize Constantine, but you miss the real culprit; a later emperor, Theodosius. That was the guy that gave Christianity a monopoly.

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