What the Jewish Labour Movement think about Israeli policies.

The violent racist policies of Israel are remarkable. Didn’t the holocaust teach them anything? Tolerant and empathy wouldn’t go amiss.

9 thoughts on “What the Jewish Labour Movement think about Israeli policies.

  1. Hypocrite! Ya condemn Israeli settlements but turn a blind eye to illegal Arab settlements in East Jerusalem. Fuck you and your do as I say but not as I do pig shit. Ass Hat this Israeli despises and detests Europeans — NOT b/c of their hair, eye, or skin color but b/c of their atrocities and puke war crimes that have mutilated and deformed the humanity of man.

      1. Ya sniff to much shit up your nose – fool. Simple mathematics, understood this challenges the limited capabilities of your dull mind, but if ya do a “thing” on one side of the equation, ya have to do the equal and opposite “thing” on the other side of the equation.
        X + 9 = 18. X + 9 – 9 = 18 – 9. X = 9. Understood this places your pathetic brain into a quandary.

        Simple stated, cause its obvious that you can not make the jump yourself, the poor pathetic moron that your are — if you condemn as illegal Jewish “settlements” then you must likewise condemn as illegal Arab stateless refugee (Balestinian) “settlements”.

        Again moron of Europe, no where does this response address the color of a person skin, or the shape of their eyes, or the measurements of their skull – all employed in classic Fascist “scientific racism”. Pathetic dullard.

      2. No problem – I condemn all illegal settlements – especially ones created by religious fanatics and created by use of force – such as the Jewish ones.
        I agree with the Labour Jews. What the Israeli government is doing is disgusting.

      3. Noise, never once a peep from you touching the current riots in E. Jerusalem over illegal Arab construction.

      1. Ya really need to not enter where you have no invitation. You know nothing of the conflict and since you information comes from newspapers – all your information comes from propaganda sources.

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