Poetry – Peering


Peering back through time

To where it all began –

A flash of energy,

A seething universe,

A new story,

As nascent atoms sang.

A telescope

Back through aeons

To glimpse that fiery maw;

To the brink

Of that first great flash

The beginning of our lore.

Nothing ever dies –

Carried on that wind,

Still resounding

Down the ages

To where our time begins.

Opher 1.6.2016


I am constantly astounded by the assertion that they have invented the tools to enable them to see eddies of the big bang – the creation of our universe. Its energy still resounds around us. It has never gone.

Our telescopes are powerful enough to reach back through time to the beginning of it all – piercing that once impenetrable barrier.

Time flows in one direction. Yet we can peer back into it. Everything is recorded. Nothing is lost.

All we do will last forever as light and atoms skid upon their journey carrying us into the future.

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