Core Values – Number 2 – Fairness

I believe in fairness. I’m not sure if that come from my upbringing or is something intrinsic to my character. One thing I am certain of is that it does not stem from any religious belief. I have no religious belief.

My trust in fairness leads me to all manner of social and political views.

I think the gross inequality created by capitalism, feudalism, monarchies, despots, global elites and all other systems created by human beings – stinks.

Politically this could lead me to communism. But I stop short of that. I do like the idea of equality but it seems to me that communism tends to create tyrannical control which impinges on my freedoms. So it leads me to Social Democracy. I think all people should be treated fairly and rewarded according to their effort and worth – but not over-rewarded. I think we should take care of the weakest in our society.

Fairness leads me to despise all forms of racism and misogyny, homophobia or discrimination.

Fairness leads me to recognising the value of all life and not treating animals with cruelty or thoughtlessness. They too, wild or domestic, should be treated fairly.

The drive to treat all people and animals fairly drives my life. It’s inherent in everything I do.

8 thoughts on “Core Values – Number 2 – Fairness

  1. Wonderfully put , its nice to see people who believe in fairness , I believe that every individual on this planet deserves to live that way, but its sad that the opposite of that is what’s happening

    1. Cheers. It sure seems that way but deep down I think that most people are fair. They just get caught up in philosophies, like Trumpism, which emphasise selfishness.

  2. Of course there are two sides to a coin, Sometimes I just get stuck wondering what we can do to bring more fairness especially in scenarios that you mentioned such as getting caught in philosophies.

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