Poetry – More of the betweens

More of the betweens

Between the video games and the porn,

The addictions and the take-aways,

The teenage proms and the Boy Bands,

Is a core of invention and expertise.

Between religious fanaticism,

Victimisation and discrimination,

The hatred and the skinhead vitriol,

Lies a caring altruism

That provides

Refuge from whatever storm.

There is something to be proud of

Something to be proud of.

Opher 11.12.2015

More of the betweens

I spent a while thinking about the plastic culture we live in. It is so superficial, so crass and so manipulative. We are being shoe-horned into a niche as consumers of trash.

The media stirs up hatred and guides our tastes. It focusses on royalty and celebrity as if there were no real issues.

Within a minority there is an underlying dislike of foreigners and those who are different that flares up into violence.

Yet behind the façade of mediocrity there is a British spirit that welcomed refugees from war and persecution and lent a helping hand. The Huguenots, Jews, West Indians, Pakistanis, Indians and now the Syrians were all included. And Britain is the stronger for it.

We are a race of mongrels. Our culture and our spirit know no colour, creed or religion. It goes beyond all that. It is the indomitable spirit of freedom and justice.

That is a cause men and women have fought for through the centuries. It runs molten in our blood wherever that blood originated. That compassion is what I hold to my heart.

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