10 thoughts on “Around Sydney Harbour – Photos

  1. I spent six months working in Sydney, either side of the Bicentennial. It’s my favourite city of them all. I had a flat in the Blues Point Tower, generally regarded as the ugliest building in Sydney. I think it’s the one on the far left in your photo of the Luna Park from across the water.

    1. I’m very envious. That must have been a great experience. I loved the city. It had a great feel to it. I met an old guy who had worked as a journalist in Sydney and lived on a houseboat in the harbour for ten years. He had some tales.

      1. I had some great walks there, too. To Manly Beach and Bondi Beach, and many others. And the last time I was there (2004) I walked to South Head. I was flush at the time, so I enjoyed dinner at Doyle’s, and a taxi back to my hotel!

        And with a workmate, I walked the northern half of the Royal National Park coast trail. We saw two snakes intertwining, and once we got back to civilization and books, he told me: “That’s the fourth most venomous snake in the world!”

      2. What was it? a taipan or an eastern brown?
        I nearly stepped on a big Eastern Brown in Tasmania. It lived under my friends shed (where they put up their itinerant workers). I was wandering around taking photos and I thought it was a big coil of hosepipe until it slithered away back under the shed.

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