7 thoughts on “A Map or Two of Palestine for Moshe

  1. Just askin’ Is it true tht Palestine got its name from the Philistines who were among its earliest inhabitants?

  2. The language “Partition” means a UN source of your maps. Arabs rejected all forms of partition. Jews accepted partition. Arabs, 5 Arab countries invaded the newly declared Jewish State on the same day as Ben-Gurion declared Independence and lost their wars to throw the Jews into the Sea. Once Israel became a nation and ceased being a mandate territory of the UN, the UN ceased having control over the Jewish state just like the UN does not make domestic or foreign policy decisions for any other country on the planet earth.

      1. UN Resolutions which seek to impose a 2 state solution – utterly ridiculous. The UN never had any mandate to determine international borders of any country on the planet earth.

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