15 thoughts on “Roy Harper – When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease

      1. Four clubs in all: Petersfield (2nd XI of 2), De Kieviten in Holland (3rd XI of 4 – we won our league!), Stanmore (3rd XI) and Godalming (Saturday 3rds, Sunday 2nds).

        When I was at Stanmore, I played a few games with Angus Fraser!

      2. I bet that was fun. I was never that good at cricket – just loved street cricket as a kid. Rugby was my thing. I was a happy hooker! Played for Esher schoolboys and University Vandals 3rd team.
        I bet Gus was an interesting guy.

      3. Yes, the reason I played several matches with Angus was that he had his first bout of back trouble at the age of 15. The doctors banned him from bowling, so he came down to the 3rd XI and played as our No. 3 batsman for a month! He was, indeed, a great guy. And when I faced him in the nets, I couldn’t lay a bat on anything!

        By the way, his mother was our tea-lady. And his younger brother Alastair had cricket talent as well. He played for Young England and then for Essex, but he didn’t have the spirit and stickability that Angus had, so he didn’t make it all the way to the big stage. Mind you, he did bowl fast. The season (1981) I opened the bowling with him – he was 13 – I had to bowl up the hill!

        Ah well, we all reminisce. Don’t even ask about the season I spent opening the bowling for Godalming Sunday 2nds with then 12-year-old Rikki Clarke (who later played two Tests and about 20 one-day internationals). Or about what Mike Brearley said about me in his book “The Art of Captaincy!”

      4. Sounds mighty interesting. What did Mike Brearley say???
        I taught Neil Mallender and, when he was about seventeen, I opened the batting in the staff V kids match. Neil bowled and it was so fast I couldn’t actually see it coming. You had to judge where you think it was going and hope it didn’t hit you. My admiration for test cricketers went up enormously.

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