Jonathan Pie on School Dinners – he says it how it is!

How can Tories vote to allow children to go hungry.

How can a country whose economy is in the top ten allow 4 million children to live in poverty?

8 thoughts on “Jonathan Pie on School Dinners – he says it how it is!

  1. Hey Opher, how’s it going?

    There is a petition circulating on-line seeking signatures demanding ‘an end to the practice of paying expenses to MPs for food and drink; and that any & all food and drink in parliamentary establishments be chargeable to MPs at market rates. 904,000 have already signed it. One hopes hundreds of thousands more will also sign before it is delivered to Downing Street.

    If the government cannot serve, support, or adequately provide for 4.2 million kids living in relative poverty in the U.K, there is no reason whatsoever why the taxpayer should subsidise food and drink for wealthy MP’s, with second, third or fourth homes, and overpaid second jobs. Such practices must stop.

    Further details of the petition can be found at:

    Have a good day mate,


  2. Excellent! The greater the exposure, the louder the sound of the people’s voice. Government must make child hunger its priority and child poverty obsolete in the U.K. Not to do so is a political choice.

    All’s well here thanks Opher. Stay safe,


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