I think a big thank you is in order!!

The blog goes from strength to strength. My books continue to sell and I do receive a lot of kind words. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Opher's World

Thank you to all the people following my blog. There is around 1850 people now and that is really incredible.

It is fantastic to think that people from 119 different countries are interested in what I am writing. Thank you for following me.

Secondly – thank you to all those people who leave ‘likes’ and comments. It is very rewarding and makes you feel like going on. So far this year there has been 32,000 views, 4700 likes and 1200 comments. Now I know stats don’t mean a lot to you but they are very reinforcing for me. They make me feel that it is worth doing. So thanks for the support. Blogging takes a lot of time, effort and thought. It’s nice to know there is an appreciative audience.

Thirdly – Thank you to the people who have put me forward for awards. I’m not really into awards but…

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5 thoughts on “I think a big thank you is in order!!

  1. May I say what a joy it is to stumble across the world of Opher! Full of delightful insights into an increasingly perplexing world.

    Sometimes it feels that the weight of this world rests upon his shoulders! So it is a delight to occasionally share the burden!

    What fun!

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