Poetry – Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best

Mother gave us dinner.

We threw it on the floor.

Mother gave more food

When we demanded more.

Mother gave us water

With which to wash and drink.

We used it as a toilet

And did not even think.

Mother gave us shelter

To keep us from the rain.

But we wrecked her house

Causing Mother pain.

We keep abusing Mother

With never a thank you.

Mother may stop giving

Then what will we do?

Opher – 12.10.2020

I’m having a little spate on metaphors. This one is another that is quite obvious, but none-the-less effective.

We are behaving like errant children – so arrogant, destructive and greedy. So spoilt.

We treat the place with disdain and take it for granted.

I think that will prove to be our downfall.

6 thoughts on “Poetry – Mother Knows Best

  1. Is Mother a metaphor for Mother Earth? Seems your words could be scaled up or down depending on the reach of one’s perspective.

    The legacy we leave for future generations is crucially important is an indicator of how ideologically progressive humankind are and shouldn’t be impoverished by insidious propensity for greed.


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