The Corona Diaries – Day 204

It was a rainy morning in Yorkshire. So I stayed in, played some B.B. King and wrote my Harper book.

In the afternoon it cleared up so I walked up my hill. There were dark ominous clouds all around. Out towards the coast there was one heavy clod beside which was a big patch of sunlight and an exquisite rainbow. I never seen to have my camera with me to capture such moments!

A huge bird flew low across the fields and settled on a wooden crossbeam of a telephone pole. It looked like an eagle but it was probably a buzzard behaving a bit strangely. I normally only get to see them circling overhead.

On my way back a great flock of starlings rose out of the field and settled on the telephone wires. They all intently watched me as I walked past.

These are the Covid-19 days – the days of nature, walks and solitude. They are the days of writing, music and contemplation. Strange days indeed.

Out in Coronaland the election in the USA is hotting up and it is beginning to look as if Trump will be trounced. I do hope so. Never have we had such division, nastiness and environmental damage. The man is poison. His rally in Florida, full of arrogant strutting, felt a bit like the Nuremberg rally. An unpleasant feel. We’ll see what happens.

With over 120,000 dead, another 46,927 cases and 351 more deaths, a lot of people have woken up to how useless he is and how lacking in empathy. They are beginning to see the selfish individual he really is.

In Brazil they are hoping the disease is on the wane but there were another 8,429 cases with another 201 deaths. It has ravaged the country.

Here in the UK it is really taking off – another 13,972 new cases. The government ignore scientific advice and now it is out of control. The death-rate, which lags a few weeks behind, is already beginning to rise and many hospitals are already full. It doesn’t bode well.

The general opinion seems to be that going for herd immunity is a mistake. It is impossible to shield the vulnerable well enough and there are too many long-term health risks for those who get the disease.

I’d still like a lot more clarity and answers to the questions. This government is not keen on involving anyone or giving clarity on anything.

Anyway – stay safe!!

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