Psycho Preacher healing corona virus on TV

When you give up believing science you end up with snake-oil salesman like this fraud trying to take people for a ride.  This guy is making a fortune out of gullible people.

To me this guy is a joke. He has mansions, airplanes and luxury cars.

6 thoughts on “Psycho Preacher healing corona virus on TV

  1. In the first video, at the 1:14 mark, that’s him laughing at anyone gullible enough to believe him. I also did not know that the devil can cause influenza! It’s not pathogens, it’s not germs, it’s the devil. Forget your B cells as well. If you pray to the Lord, that is good enough.

    Remarkable. Has he earned the Nobel Peace Prize?

  2. Ah yes, but he does reveal here the big nothing at the heart of ‘The Dream’. What do big cars, loads of money, private planes add up to in this context? Cheap tack; surface tinsel, over an empty hole.
    Or maybe like the wizard in The Wizard of Oz – one little man (with littler hands and questionable hair?).

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