My DNA testing for Heredity and Race.

I have just received the results of my genetic testing. I am a little surprised!

I think everybody should have one of these tests. It can blow all the racist attitudes to pieces.

Our genetics reveals our history. We are not easily identified as any particular race or nationality. It is quite clear that our ancestors migrated, moved around and intermarried. That is human nature. We fall in love with people from other races and nationalities. The vast majority of us are hybrids.

I think some of those racists, nationalists and white supremacists might get a shock or two if they were to look into their genetic history.

I am British. I was born in the South of England. I know I have some Scottish and Irish ancestry. I also know that, as a Brit, my distance ancestors came from all over Europe – mainly Germany, France, Italy and Scandinavia. There were no British people. We are all immigrants. We displaced the Celts, who retreated to Scotland, Cornwall, Wales and Ireland.

I expected all that to be reflected in my genetic make-up.

I was disappointed with my profile. I was hoping for some Asian and African but nope.

What was interesting was that being English (with parents and grandparents born in England), I might expect a high proportion of my genes to be English. They weren’t.

My profile is :

81.2% – North West European (German, Austrian, French)

15.6% – Celtic (Scottish, Irish, Welsh)

1.8% – Iberian (Spanish, Portuguese)

1.4% – English

No wonder I oppose Brexit. I know I am (like most white British people) European.

I think it might do racists and extreme nationalist good to know that their genetics might show that they are not as ‘limited’ as they think they are.

It would have been nice to have a wider base but I guess I’d have to go back a bit further from that. After all, we all came out of Africa.

8 thoughts on “My DNA testing for Heredity and Race.

  1. I’m white and my ancestors came from Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. My DNA test shows 1.64% Nigerian. It came from my mother’s side 50,000 years ago. Thank you for sharing.

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