Peter Green – a guitar genius – Fare Thee Well and Thank you!

I have just heard the sad news that Pete Green, the founder and guitar genius of Fleetwood Mac, has died at the age of 73.

I first saw Pete playing with John Mayall and was greatly impressed by his fluent, flowing guitar. He had followed Eric Clapton into the band and I reckon he was the better guitarist.

He formed the great Fleetwood Mac which I was lucky enough to see regularly. They had their roots in Blues but soon developed into something so much more with impressive progressive tracks like Green Manalishi. They were such a great band to see live – so full of fun, skill and great music. Pete wrote such brilliant songs.

After Pete suffered his psychedelically initiated breakdown and left the band they were never as good. I cherish those early albums and live shows – one of the best bands in the world (thanks to Pete Green).

If only we had music like that, venues like that and bands who were as exciting. For 25p you got to see Pete Green up close, to dance and laugh, and to watch in awe as he conjured brilliance out of his guitar. There was always such a range of styles and music – Pete duelling with Danny Kirwin or Jeremy Spencer summoning up the spirit of Elmore James.

I rate Pete Green as one of the greatest guitarists to have come out of Britain and count myself fortunate to have seen him play.

I shall be dusting off all my albums and thinking about you, playing the memories of seeing you play in my head, and celebrating such wonderful times with sad tears.

Goodbye Pete – thank you so much! I’ve been missing you for a long time but am still heartbroken at your death! You were the best (and such a nice guy too!).

7 thoughts on “Peter Green – a guitar genius – Fare Thee Well and Thank you!

    1. The real tragedy is what happened to his mind that messed up his life. There should have been so much more creativity for so many more years.

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