Out today! Jonas Lapinas new EP

A joy to see live!

Loudhailer UK

Our friend and charistmatic musician Jonas Lapinas EP is released today, Saturday June 27th 2020 on the DHM record label.

Available from all the usual digital outlets. Listen or download from Bandcamp at the link here:

“The EP’s inspiration sparked from observing overwhelming transitions in global technology intertwined with this decade’s shocking acts of media and political campaigns. These ideas provoked an amplified silence within the artist, as he reflected his thoughts and applied them to his new creative pursuit: Photographic Room Dust. This reflection unravels within the surreal lyrical content, wrapped in the well-contained energy of Jonas’ rhythmic voice-lines. His vocals echo amongst atmospheric guitars played with bows, unique and detuned synthesizer sounds and hypnotic beats complemented by samples of computer keyboards. The record creates a sense of celestial space where one can contemplate the rapid change of our times.”

Photographic Room Dust small

26 year old Leeds-based Lithuanian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist…

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