Loudhailer Electric Country Dreamscape

A superb gig coming up in Hull!! Can’t wait!!
That painting is incredible too!
Things are happening!!

Loudhailer UK

Loudhailer Electric Company with very special guest MG Greaves

For our next home town show, We are delighted to be teaming up with Mike Greaves for our next gig at O’Rileys, Hull on Friday 20th March, with a brand new Loudhailer Electric Company set and a new art/music collabortaion with artist GE Saunt.

Dreamscape painting by GE Saunt

Dreamscape (When I Get Home) – It could almost be a photograph, but it’s not, it’s a painting, part of our new art/music collaboration with Beverley based artist GE Saunt which we are premiering on Friday 20th March at O’Rileys. Entitled ‘Dreamscape (when I get home)’ our show will feature an art montage film with a live soundtrack. Imagine you’ve been away, you come back to Hull, step off the train and look around. Everything is slightly different than you remember it. Surely the City Hall isn’t opposite the station? Has that shark escaped from The…

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