Which side are you on? Pete Seeger laying down the guantlet – A rousing song or organising against injustice.

There is a battle going on for a better fairer world and the protection of nature.

Opher's World

We see Britain and the USA in turmoil. There is disillusionment with the way the establishment is running things. There is a lust for fairness and a better way of doing things. People are fed up with the rich getting richer while the poor suffer. They are fed up with none of the world’s problems being solved. They are fed up with media lies and they are fed up with having to choose between two evils. Democracy is not working.

Pete Seeger in an introduction to “Which Side Are You On?” on his record “Cant You See This System’s Rotten Through And Through” says:

“Maybe the most famous song it was ever my privilege to know was the one written by Mrs Florence Reece. Her husband Sam was an organiser in that “bloody” strike in Harlan County, Kentucky in 1932.
They got word that the company gun-thugs were out to…

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