Dodge, Distract and Anger: Dealing with Trump supporters.

Leaving it up to some fictional god is a recipe for disaster. I wonder why they did not leave the emigration problem up to god instead of ludicrously trying to build a wall. Extremely hypocritical. They pick what they leave up to god and what they take action over!

I am writing this article, to explain my experience of dealing with Trump supporters and their tactics, consciously or subconsciously, avoiding, dodging or simply getting angry when asked very basic questions regarding the US president.

In my opinion many people are afraid to come out as Trump supporters. Trump and his administration are clearly a racist, xenophobic, sexist, anti-LGBT and radically religious. Trump has cut taxes for the wealthiest in the country and has empowered white nationalist groups across the country. So it’s not too difficult to see why some people are slow too makes this obvious. Others, however, are very proud and loud supporters of Trump, which is fine too but makes the “closet” supporters less credible in my opinion.

The reason they are less credible is because when people tell me Trump is an entertaining character, he doesn’t effect them directly no matter he does or says or…

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