Why the rich should pay more taxes.

It seems Boris thinks they should pay less!!

Opher's World

As  teachers I and my son spend our time developing skills, imparting knowledge, giving direction, encouragement and self-esteem to my students.

As a nurse my son saves lives regularly and makes people better.

There are millions of support staff in the social services, police, fire service, refuse workers, sewage workers, road sweepers, dentists, construction workers, road maintenance, telephone servicers, doctors, and thousands of other roles – whose function is not to create wealth but to support those who do. Without them the country does not function.

No creator of wealth can function on their own. They require the support of the rest of society – whether that be directly or indirectly.

Society provides the infrastructure that is required for wealth creators to operate.

I changed lives for the better. The millions like me who work in society are indirectly responsible for all the creation of wealth. It’s called teamwork.

To use an analogy from soccer –…

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