Why I Love Youth Protests

Yes we need young people who are switched on, questioning, passionate and idealistic!
More power to them!

Levine Lowdown

Over the past months, we have witnessed numerous youth
protests within Australia and the world, encouraging politicians to introduce
policies to protect the environment. Personally, I believe that there are more
appropriate ways to campaign for change, but due to the lack of urgency
illustrated by politicians regarding climate change, I can understand why many
felt these actions were justified. However, regardless of my beliefs on the
concept of protests, to see thousands of youth in Australia and around the
world engaged and passionate about issues in our world is why I have loved
these youth protests.

In March, youth from
over 100 countries joined together in “Fridays for Future”, demanding the
political elite to urgently address the climate emergency. From Australia to
American and India to Uganda, tens of thousands of students left school and
participated in these rallies. A student in India, Vidit Baya, commented, “In
India, no…

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