The new Gillette Ad and Toxic Masculinity

Well as a male I certainly think there is a toxic masculinity that needs challenging. I think that type of masculinity has been responsible for a lot of the world’s problem throughout history. Time we faced up to it and changed it. Males do not have to be aggressive and violent. They can be strong and intelligent, sensitive and loving. I believe the key is good upbringing and good education

The Female Pilgrim

The new Gillette ad causes a lot of outrage. So far, it has more than 25 million views and the majority of YouTube voters pressed the dislike button. Many of them argue that the multi-million dollar company Gillette has no right to criticize the behavior of men and boys. It is not a legitimate moral authority. Although I am aware that Gillette is a profit-driven company and it is owned by Procter and Gamble, a company promoting unrealistic beauty standards for women AND men and which is accused of child work and animal testing, it also started an important debate on masculinity.


I rather use the term masculinities because there are various forms of masculinity. It is also important to consider that masculinity is not equal to men. It is an abstract concept and describes a hierarchy in the social world. Raewyn Connell, the most well-known researcher in this…

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