What is the perfect education?

This was just below Linton Kwesi Johnson as one of the most popular posts of last year.

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a. The Setting

Education should take place in a setting that is friendly, warm, secure, safe and beautiful. The building and rooms should be cheerful, artistically interesting and full of stimulation. The grounds should be a haven of nature.

b. Education should be fun

c. The Teachers should be warm and caring and devoted to their students.

d. The curriculum should be broad and all encompassing. It should also be fluid.

e. There should be no facts – just opportunities to explore and discover and concepts to understand.

f. There should be all manner of equipment to enable that exploration.

g. Teachers should be facilitators to assist and guide.

h. Lessons should be discussions, investigations, experiments.

I. Creativity should be at the core of everything that happens.

j. The curriculum and syllabi should be flexible to enable children to explore

k. Testing should be diagnostic.

l. Basic skills and knowledge…

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8 thoughts on “What is the perfect education?

      1. We need children with the sparks of creativity and imagination!

        Not robots that just follow orders!

  1. Exactly – creativity, imagination, lateral thinking, team work, tolerance, compassion, empathy and all the other important things.
    Hopefully Ofsted are changing their tune – there’s more to education that churning out grades in an exam factory!

  2. Oh here we go. A little information is dangerous. Right-brain? What a stupid thing to say.! You should know that you need equal development of both sides.
    I foresee a few major problems with point e. in mathematics, all the sciences, all languages, history, economics, and even sports. They tend to be dependent on facts.
    I don’t think much thought went into this “no facts” concept. It’s ridiculous.
    Point k. with diagnostic testing is insubstantial.
    I foresee a few major problems budgeting with point j.
    Point a. might be slightly problematic in an inner city area.
    Were all this fantasyland nonsense a reality, I foresee a huge problem for these kids leaving school and entering the harsh reality of the workplace. They’d have a breakdown as they would be judged on performance – and judged on nothing else.

    1. Misuse of facts and information is your trade. You select facts from dubious sources and nitpick in order to obfuscate the truth of the article. It is disingenuous. It’s what extremists do.

      1. Complete bullshit Opher. I’m the one supplying any facts.
        ALL my facts are irrefutable. Whereas you have none. You seem to think that your misinformed conjecture will get you there. Oops, no it won’t.
        Any nitpicking is done by you. Like how long did it take you to understand the progression of micro socialism into the trade union movement into the Labour party.
        Start there.
        What’s disingenuous about spotting huge faults and mistakes from a mile off?
        I don’t think you ever had any boardroom experience. You’d be seriously mocked, I suspect.

        Poetry, Opher. Poetry. It’s a nice safe little zone where there’s nobody to smash your crazy ideas and silly nonsense talk.

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