The Orkneys – The Broch of Gurness.

It lets one’s imagination fly.

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The Broch is an Iron Age tower that was ten metres high! It had religious significance, housed the clan leader and his family and served as a major defensive structure against attack. It dates back 2500 years.

Around the Broch was a whole Iron Village. It had a fantastic view out to sea and across to the land the other side.

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2 thoughts on “The Orkneys – The Broch of Gurness.

  1. Your photos are good and all that. But I know you’ve put all of these today’s 6 or 7 posts out at least twice before in the last year or so. So this makes it the third time around. Yet they’re also always available on your blog menu history thingy.
    My point is why are you bombing our mail-boxes with repeats of repeats? Wouldn’t one post suffice? As interesting as it is, you’re overloading it. It’s becoming a bit too pesky with constant in-coming bleeps “you have mail”. Can’t you pull the reigns in a bit please. You might get more takers and more comments. Lovely jubbly.

    1. Hi Alison – Happy New Year. Sorry to bomb your inbox with things you have seen. I was enjoying going back and having another look at some of my travels and photography. Self-indulgent of me, I know.
      These posts were put out a year ago (only once). Since then I have had a good load of new followers who have not seen them. People come and go. From the number of likes and new follows a number of people are appreciating them and I enjoy them over again! I was also putting them out for a few friends who were requesting them. I’ll try and be a little more constrained.

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