6 thoughts on “Isle of Mull – Photography – Wrecks and Curlews

  1. Namaste Opher 🙂

    Enjoyed the photographs as I always do: they bring life to your prose. Areas of Scotland provide wonderful vistas – always changing with the ever-changing weather. I’ve spent several holidays north of the border but have never had opportunity to visit Mull, nor walked in Glencoe, both of which I’d very much like to do.

    Enjoy your day. Happy blogging! 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


      1. Bore da Opher, Namaste 🙂

        Excellent that sounds like it might be quite an adventure! When will you be going? I assume either Spring, Summer or early Autumn else the weather may be very hit and miss. You’ll be taking your walking boots of course and mandatory hip flask? 🙂

        I’d love to see Glencoe…by all accounts its stunning. Like so many other places it’s on my ‘to do’ list!

        I’ve read that the Isle of Mull is sometimes referred to as ‘Eagle Island.’ Knowing that you love all wildlife but have a penchant for birds, did you have any joy in this regard?

        Cheers me old twitcher lol 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


      2. Dewin – we were fortunate to get Scotland in the sunshine! It was a rarity! Even the Orkney’s were bathed! There were few midges and the scenery was spectacular.
        The great glens were majestic. We climbed mountains and downed the odd pint (plus a few that weren’t odd). We visited standing stones, cairns, burial mounds and all manner of Neolithic wonders.
        On Mull we did see a golden eagle but the damn thing disappeared before I could capture it in my lens. It was very close, over a wood near the castle. Thrilling.

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