The Denuding of Britain.

It makes me so sad to see the loss of so many of the creatures that were common when I was a child.
It’s the same the world over. We are systematically destroying nature. It is noticeable in my lifetime.

Opher's World

As a Biologist I am dismayed by the destruction of nature I have witnessed in my own lifetime.

As a boy I played in the fields and meadows, collected frogspawn from the ponds and snakes, lizards and slowworms from the heaths.

The meadows were awash with colour, adorned with all manner of flowers. When you lay back in the long grass there was a buzz of insects, a multitude of bees attended the blossoms, grasshoppers stridulated, beetles crawled through the undergrowth. golden eyed, luminescent green lacewings flew by, hoverflies wavered in the air, butterflies of all hues bobbed over the fields. In the air above house martins, swallows and swifts zipped and soared. The swifts shrieking in delight as they fed off the abundant insects. A journey in the car resulted in a splattered windscreen. Clouds of insects hung in the air around lamps.

The streams were alive with red…

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