Round St Helen’s as it exploded – in a Cessna!

It was quite an experience to fly into a crater that had blown 3300 ft of mountain into ash and last waste 26 miles of pine forest!

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Round St Helen’s as it exploded – in a Cessna!

Well actually it had exploded a couple of days before but it was still smoking profusely!

It was 1980 and we were heading up the coast to Washington in our VW camper van. We had one tent, three kids and one mother-in-law.

We weren’t supposed to have the mother-in-law with us at this point but she’d stayed on. Liz’s father had died a couple of months before and she’d come out to stay with us in California. We were using every holiday to travel and had a big one planned out up the West Coast to Canada. We were going to camp around with no particular itinerary and make our way up the Cascades to Oregon and Washington. I wanted to check out a bit of mountain Kerouac country. Jack had been up those mountains with the bears, fire-watching, doing…

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