More Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge

Somehow we’ve got to get over this view that superstition is better than science. A dose of humour helps. Thanks Dave.

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Fed up with doom and gloom?

Desperate for some good news for a change? 

You’re not alone.

Vote for us and we’ll cut funding for the science that makes you feel uneasy.

Why worry?

Be happy.


Religion vs. Science: Who Wins?


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4 thoughts on “More Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge

  1. It would probably be quite easy to attribute the Creationist Method to those that wish to Remain in the EU.
    It’s encouraging to see that even the extreme Left are having second thoughts and have come to the conclusion that all they’ve believed all these years is in fact bat shit crazy.

    1. James – bat shit crazy is shooting yourself in both feet and the head. Talk about own goals and crazy right-wing extreme nationalists why don’t you?

  2. Yes. And have you heard the news? Australia has a new Pentecostal Prime Minister! Of course he got in the usual way of late…the incumbent being rolled by his own. More narrow thinking on the way….

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