The Final Beatles Recording

It was a good idea but I’m not sure they really worked. I think they had a couple they kept in the can. Or is that a rumour?

Old time rock and roll

After decades of supposedly “true” accounts of the Beatles outstanding rise to fame, heavy touring years, experimental studio time, and eventual break up, the remainder of the Fab Five realigned in the 1990’s, ready to expose the Beatles for what they truly were. The Beatles Anthology would quickly become the bible regarding the world’s most successful rock n’ roll band. This Grammy Award winning 3-part mini-series divulged factual accounts by the Beatles themselves, while also encompassing a detailed book, and collection of CD’s or LP’s. The records brought listeners on an extraordinarily one-of-a-kind journey. From the earliest of raw Liverpool-era recordings, to the boys’ final collaborative work, the Anthology left no song undocumented. Possibly the most shocking and unexpected addition to the vast catalogue of celebrated tunes, were two entirely fresh songs featuring all four Beatles, even the late John Lennon.

Both songs, “Real Love” and “Free as a Bird”…

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9 thoughts on “The Final Beatles Recording

    1. I think there were a number of people with claims to be the fifth Beatle – Epstein, Martin, Sutcliffe, Best, Preston and that drummer who stood in for Ringo when he had tonsillitis come to mind – but Murray the K declared himself the one didn’t he?

  1. Hey, ho – something I know a little something about!

    There’s really no contest and The Beatles said it themselves many times over – the 5th was by towering consent Brian Epstein. John Lennon stated clearly “he brought us from the Cavern stage to the world stage.” For those interested, the recent DVD release titled “It Was Fifty Years Ago Today!”, which is about the Sgt Pepper era but not just that, features a superb interview with Lennon’s sister, Julia Baird, who gives a deeply honest and factually accurate account of all things Beatle-Lennon and you’ll get to hear her say it. The DVD Extras provide her complete interview running some forty plus minutes. Highly recommended.

    For interested Beatle-heads, those 1994/95 sessions were:
    Song #1: Free As A Bird – original Lennon home demo on piano recorded 1977
    Re-recorded during February-March 1994 at McCartney’s home studio in Sussex.
    This was released on a single and Anthology 1.

    There was then a delay in the original planned recording schedule because Maureen Starkey Tigrett was seriously ill with leukemia and subsequently died on 30 December 1994 in Seattle, USA, with Ringo Starr present at her bedside.
    (NB. George Harrison had previously had an affair with her in the early 1970’s, to which Lennon quipped “it’s almost like incest”.)

    Sessions reconvened in February 1995 at McCartney’s Sussex studio.
    Song #2: Real Love – original Lennon home demo recorded 1979. This was Lennon’s second version remake using piano as he’d initially started it on acoustic guitar back in 1978. Subsequently used for the Soundtrack to the 1988 Andrew Salt production “Imagine – John Lennon”, so not entirely new to Beatles fans.
    This was released on a single and Anthology 2.

    Also recorded in 1994 or 95 – date uncertain
    Song #3: Now And Then (a.k.a. Miss You)
    This recording although close to being the 3rd new song, as attempted by the remaining Beatles remains unfinished.
    I’ve no further information about this as I’ve never heard the original demo.

    Others also considered but decided against using:
    Song #4: Grow Old With Me – original Lennon home demo recorded November 1980 and his very last home recording. Subsequently used for Lennon/Ono January 1984 album “Milk And Honey: A Heart Play”.
    This recording also remains unfinished.

    Song #5: All For Love – a brand new McCartney/Harrison composition.
    This recording also remains unfinished.

    Songs 3, 4 and 5 are not in circulation with Beatles collectors, so nobody has ever heard anything of them.

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